Mystery Quilt 2020 - Clue 2

Pull out that sewing machine! Today you start putting together the pieces of your Mystery Quilt. You will be working with pieces A through D and though there isn’t much instructions here, you’ll be doing them 36 times! When you are finished, stored the finished sections in a bag labeled Section 1. So let’s get started.

To make it easier to locate today’s pieces, pieces A and C are from Fabric 1. Piece B is from Fabric 2, and Piece D is from Fabric 4.

1. Sew rectangle A to rectangle B with the right sides together along the 3 ½” side and press the seams toward rectangle A.

2. Sew square C on the opposite side of rectangle B with right sides together, pressing the seams toward square C.

3. Trim if necessary to 3 ½” x 9 ½”.

4. Sew rectangle D to the bottom of this unit and press the seams toward rectangle D.

5. Trim if necessary to 4 ½” x 9 ½”.

You have now made 36 - Section 1 pieces. Store them in their labeled bag and then sit back and relax. And if you want to, post pictures on our Facebook page. We will construct Section 2 next time! Full clue schedule can be found in the "Mystery Quilt Project 2020" post.


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