Mystery Quilt 2020 - Clue 3

Pieces E through G is what we’re working with today and when we are finished, you will have completed Section 2. Pieces E and G are from Fabric 1 and piece F is the only piece from Fabric 5.

1. Sew rectangle E to square F with the right sides together along the 2 ½” side and press the seams toward square F.

2. Sew rectangle G to the bottom of this unit and press the seams toward rectangle G.

3. Trim if necessary to 4 ½” x 3 ½”.

That’s Section 2. Make sure you do this all 36 times so you have 36 - Section 2 pieces when finished. As last week, store them in their labeled bag. Also, post pictures on our Facebook page. You are half way there. We continue onto Section 3 next time!

Full clue schedule can be found in the "Mystery Quilt Project 2020" post.

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