Mystery Quilt 2020 - Clue 5

This is the last section to sew. Next week is the big reveal and when finished, you’ll have a quilt top done! Hope you are excited as I am to see what it looks like in your selected fabrics. Don’t forget to post pictures as you go. You will be using pieces N through Q. Pieces O and Q are from Fabric 1. Piece N is from Fabric 3, and piece P is from Fabric 4.

1. Sew square N to square O with the right sides together and press the seams toward square N.

2. Sew rectangle P to the other side of square O with right sides together, pressing the seams toward square O.

3. Sew rectangle Q to the other side of rectangle P with right sides together. Press the seams toward rectangle Q.

4. Trim if necessary to 4 ½” x 12 ½”.

Done! By this time, you should have 36 Section 4 units bagged and the bag labeled. You’ve probably already posted pictures of your finished work on our Facebook page. So now you are ready for next week when you will wrap up the piecing work on your Mystery Quilt. Until then, happy quilting!

Full clue schedule can be found in the "Mystery Quilt Project 2020" post.


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