Mystery Quilt Project 2020

Updated: Aug 12

Today we begin our Project. You will need no special tools and this project is perfect for “all” quilters; all you need is basic quilting knowledge and skills. The finished size of this is approximately 74” x 74.” If you would like to display your finished quilt at the December 17, 2020 meeting, we will be asking members to vote on a “Viewer’s Choice” prize at the meeting. Fabric Requirements These fabric requirements cover all the fabrics needed for piecing the quilt top and binding the quilt. This is a great time to use your stash or if you have run out, I am sure there is a quilt shop that will sell you some new fabric!! Fabric 1 is the background fabric, and the fabric that you’ll see the most in the finished quilt. You can choose a light or a dark fabric but keep in mind that it must blend with all the other fabric. Suggestion for you is to choose a solid or a blender fabric. Fabric 2, this shade is decided by the background fabric. If you choose a dark background, then this should be a light colored fabric. If your background is light, then this will be a dark colored fabric. For example, if you choose black as your background, lemon yellow would be a good color for Fabric 2, but if using a cream colored background, dark brown would be good for Fabric 2. Fabric 3, is in the same color group as Fabric 2. If Fabric 2 is dark, then Fabric 3 should be light; and if Fabric 2 is light, Fabric 3 should be dark. For example, if you choose pumpkin for Fabric 2, peach would be a good choice for Fabric 3. Fabric 4 and Fabric 5 are medium shades. They should complement or coordinate with Fabric 2 and Fabric 3. Fabric Amt. 1 3 ¾ yd. 2 1 ⅓ yd. 3 1 yd. 4 1 yd. 5 ⅓ yd. Get your fabric ready today. Below is the schedule of Clues! June 1 – Clue 1 June 15 – Clue 2 June 29 – Clue 3 July 13 – Clue 4 July 27 – Clue 5 August 10 – Clue 6


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