Tips to Make a Show-and-Tell Video

When making your video, remember these PDA steps – Prep, During, and After! Prep

  • Locate your mobile device’s recording app. Many device’s camera apps have a recording feature, while some offer a separate app for making videos.

  • Make a test video. This will help you figure out how clearly you will need to speak, how far the camera will need to be to include all of your project in the video, and get you familiar with the buttons you’ll use.

  • Plan your video content. Decide how long the video should be, what project will need to be nearby for you to showcase, and what parts of the project you want to highlight.

  • Find a helping hand (or bookend). Keeping your phone steady will help your video be better viewable and leave you with open hands to show off your project!


  • Move slowly and speak clearly. This helps your viewer see your project as well as hear your words better.

  • Stick to your time limit! This will help ensure that you can share a video once it is made as well as keep your audience from getting bored. We are currently looking at a 10 minutes maximum right now.

  • For big projects, show them from a distance and from close-up. Walk slowly with your recording device to get closer to the project then pan left and right to show the details.

  • Try, try again! Nothing is perfect the first time. You can always create another video if you notice something wrong, and multiple videos will give you multiple versions to choose your favorite from.


  • Review your video. See if it is the correct length and if there are any parts that might need improvement (if you forgot to mention an important feature of the project, for example).

  • Trim the video if necessary. Some recording apps allow for at least the beginning and end of a video to be adjusted, which can help you cut out any areas where you are seen pressing buttons or making device adjustments.

  • Share! Many programs have a share button that will allow you to email, text, or use an alternative method to share your video with another person. Many social media platforms will also allow you to post videos.

Let us know about your video creation experience in the comments below!

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